Alzheimer's VR

Asylum Bound Games LLC



Alzheimer's VR is an application designed to work like a Mind Machine (also known as Psychowalkman). Alzheimer's VR has been specifically designed for 40 Hertz flickering light which has been known to improve memory & eliminate Alzheimer's in mice. Alzheimer's VR also has binaural beats to stimulate certain areas in the brain. I recommend a single 20 minute session ever 24 hours. If there is no noticeable improvement in 2 weeks then this application is not for you. For the application to work properly a VR phone display (like Google Cardboard) & headphones are required.Goal: To find a means of treating the 46 million people that suffer from Alzheimer's disease.How to use:Turn your brightness up, set volume in the middle (medium) with headphones on & eyes closed. WARNING: If you suffer from epilepsy please do not use this application.This method & possible therapy is not a replacement for any prescribed medication. If you are taking medication for your condition please continue to do so. This application is intended for individuals that suffer from Alzheimer's & memory loss. If you feel dizzy, nauseous or any discomfort please stop the session immediately.

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