Sweet Baby Girl Newborn Baby




Sweet Baby Girls Mommy is having a new baby, and she needs a little helper just like you Play and prepare for babys birth: paint and decorate babys nursery, paint on Mommys baby bump, throw a beautiful baby shower and help Mommy visit her doctor And when the sweet little baby is born, take even more care of Mommy and her newborn Help her prepare a baby bottle, make baby food together, bathe the baby and dress up in the softest and cutest toddler clothes Game features Belly Painting Pregnant Mommy wants to be original and decorate her belly. Take different color paints and draw 3 beautiful pictures on her baby bump Baby Shower Planning a baby shower is so fun Prepare a cozy party for Mommy and decorate the room where you will invite her best friends. Cut and color paper decorations and create cheerful atmosphere with lots of balloons Mommys friends will bring gifts - help to unwrap them and see what toys newborn baby will get Baby Room Decoration Turn an empty room into a beautiful baby nursery Mommy has a picture of how she wants it to be - with beautiful flowers, cute pictures and many toys for kids Paint the walls and decorate them with wall stickers, then help Mommy build a baby crib. Decorate it anyway you like and take a photo of your creation Mommy Care Take good care of a pregnant Mommy and make sure she gets all her vitamins. Visit doctor together where you will check the temperature and listen to her and baby heartbeat. Use the ultrasound and find out if its a boy or a girl Before you go back home, gently rub some lotion on Mommys belly and protect her skin. Bathtime When the newborn baby is here, you know its kids daycare and toddler play time First, give the baby a warm bubbly bath. Wash little baby with gentle baby shampoo and wipe her with soft kids towel. Moisturize babys skin with baby oil and comb little babys hair to finish bath fun time Dress Up Sweet newborn baby loves to dress up in very cute toddler clothes Baby leggings, kids pajamas, t-shirts, socks, hair bands, winter snowsuits, shoes, mittens, hats, baby pacifiers and toddler toys - you will find everything you need to dress a baby in style Formula Before sleep, baby wants to eat Learn how to make a bottle of warm baby formula milk. Mix baby formula powder with water, shake the bottle and give it to the baby. Dont forget to sing your favorite kids lullaby and wish sweet dreams Food Little baby is really hungry after sleep. Seat the baby in a high toddler chair and prepare a tasty fruit puree from apples and banana. Carefully feed the baby and clean her when shes done Sticker Board Every time you reach a new level in the game, youll get a cute baby sticker Collect your rewards on a special sticker board for kids and create a beautiful composition of them Wheel of Fortune Spin the Wheel of Fortune every day and win a prize - up to 500 extra coins Use them to unlock new Mommy care activities, toddler and baby items Movies Sometimes Mommy likes to rest and watch TV. Watch movies for kids and toddlers together with Mommy and get 200 coins WHATS INSIDE Play 11 Mommy and baby care mini games Draw 3 kids paintings on Mommys belly Choose from baby clothes and toddler accessories in 8 categories Decorate nursery room and make a babys crib Mix and match 70 baby crib decorations Open gifts in the baby shower Collect 8 funny baby and toddler stickers Enjoy beautiful graphics and animations

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