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BeepCar is a platform where you can search for cost-effective rides and trusted passengers.Ride sharing is the new way to travel by car. The driver offers a spare seat in their car to passengers who are heading to the same travel destination. The driver and passengers all share journey costs between eachother, which works out cheaper for everyone. You no longer have to depend on public transport schedule, nor do you have to go on long tedious car journeys all by yourself – Beep Car app will find you company! Make and model of the car info is also available to the passenger.FOR THE DRIVER – Save on fuel costs!Car journeys are cheaper now because you share costs with passengers. Currency is automatically set based on physical location. If you're about to embark on a car journey, offer a seat and passengers will make a booking via BeepCar.- Download BeepCar app;- Offer a ride '+' and set a travel fare;- Passengers will find you and book a seat.Do not forget to get in contact with passengers to arrange time and pick-up points.FOR THE PASSENGER – Travel in comfort and at a lower cost!Sharing a ride with other passengers is cheaper than a bus/ train ticket or even a taxi and more reliable than hitchhiking. - Download BeepCar app;- Find a ride for the route needed;- Book a seat and get in contact with the driver.Remember to be on time at your pick-up point!After every ride, drivers and passengers leave reviews about each other and therefore grow their reputation. Reviews are visible to everyone, so you can view them before making a booking.Find out more about benefits of ride sharing at Voyage!BeepCar Team