Bubble Shooter Totem

Bubble Shooter Games by Ilyon



It's time for a bubble shooting adventure! Pop every last bubble before your shots run out!There are 400 fun levels to beat by seizing the mysterious Totem. Match at least three colors to burst chains of bubbles. Earn special power-ups and solve the puzzle to catch the totem.👹 Beehive – Drop 10 bubbles or more and a swarm of angry bees will clear all the bubbles around it.👹 Magic beam – Pop 7 bubbles in a row and a powerful magic beam will cut a path.How to play👹 Match three bubbles of the same color to pop the group.👹 Drag your finger to aim with the sights and let go to fire.👹 There's no time limit, but you have a limited number of shots to clear the level.👹 Once you pop every bubble of a particular color, it won't return.👹 Special bubble types make it tougher to clear the level.Try to get three stars on every level in this addictive bubble shooter game. Explore the lost temple, solve the puzzles and discover the bubble popping fun for yourself.