Alpha ME

AlphaMe Co, Ltd.


Application for Pro - Amateur - Beginner exercisers and providing more convenience in joining events and competitions!Alpha ME is an exercise and healthy application contains a lot of useful features. Alpha ME will give you more convenience in every moment in your exercise, BEFORE - DURING - AFTER. Alpha ME will support and provide your good and effective exercises.Our features :• Ticket system selling• E-ticket generator for more efficient and convenience in getting shirt and BIB for the event.• Push notification to keeps you in touch with the update• Auto search and collect all photo in the your event and send directly to your account• Sport wear and gear selling function (In develop)• Photo and video shooting community (In develop)• Alpha ME's exercise function and Alpha coach function (In develop)• Challenge between you and your friends in your activity (In develop)Come and join Alpha ME now!! An all-in-one platform for a more convenience, more comfortable, safer, and funnier exercise experience. Exercise more with Alpha Me to become BETTER in a joyful and healthy way.

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