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The day beds are good bed to sleep and the sitting units are all in one. This means that they are a fantastic way to save space in a small house and can give you a choice of versatile seating for all room types. When compared to a sofa bed, Day bed requires less space when sleep is fully extended, much more comfortable and looks much better. Extra comfort because Day bed is a real provide better support when you sleep.In addition to functioning as a resting place, some bed models now also offer a variety of other functions. One of them, as a storage so that can save room in the bedroom.If you are currently organizing your child's bedroom or may want to change your own bedroom layout to make it more spacious, here's about a wide selection of space-saving beds:1. Bed with StorageThere are two kinds of these beds. The first type is the storage is under the mattress and how to access it is by lifting the mattress. While the second is a storage with type of drawer. How to access it by pulling out.This type of bed is perfect for use in children's rooms to store equipment such as books or toys. Or if you want to be placed in your own room, this bed can be used to store clothes, towels and bed linen.How to store things on this bed model is enough to lift the mattress first. In addition to multifunctional, this type of bed is also quite comfortable and does not spend much space in the bedroom.You also do not need to add an additional closet that will make the room feel full.2. Sofa Bed (Sofa Bed)One practical way to turn the living room into a guest room is to add a sofa bed. Beds like this are suitable for use in studio type apartments or for those who are frequent guests and stay at home.The sofa bed is also ideal for relaxing at home during weekends. Not only practical, sofa bed also offers comfort like a regular bed.3. BunkbedBunkbed or bunk beds you can use to save room space for two children. According to experts, boys and girls are still allowed to share rooms until the age of 7 years, while children of the same sex can share rooms until the age of 12 years.Bunkbed also various kinds. In addition to the type of two bunk beds, there is also one type of bed on top and desk at the bottom. There is also a bunkbed that integrates with everything: the bed, the study table, to the storage cupboard, as in the picture above.4. The bed is foldingPractical like a sofa bed. A folding bed is another option to save space. A folding bed usually has folded legs that can be stored in a hidden place when not in use.If there are guests staying at home, a crib bed would be better than providing a sleeping bag.