Spin Warriors Istanbul

Studio Billion



Witness the splendid battle with your legendary Spin Warriors in the historical and symbolic buildings of Istanbul!UNIQUE BATTLE EXPERIENCE WITH SPIN WARRIORS● Mutation:Ghost, Wolf BigBeast, Dragon BigBeast, Destroyer, Fighter, Magician, Defender, Spinner ve Healer.● Control your Dragon!● Each Warrior can upgrade it's health points, attack, magic and defense power according to their warrior kind.● Is the battle supposed to be won only with metal? No, use your Magic Power! ● Different kinds of Magic Power effects for each and every one of Spin Warrior.● Realistic sound effects and in-game physics.THE BATTLES ARE NOT ONLY IN THE ARENAS!● The historical ramparts of Edirnekapı which have witnessed splendid wars.● The lad of Istanbul; Galata Tower.● The lady of Istanbul; Maiden's Tower● Istanbul Metro● Poker and Poolmaps.KNOWLEDGE IS EVERYTHING IN THE ART OF BATTLE● See the statistics of your battles on your profile.● Unlock in-game achievements!● See the Warriors that you own.4 GAME MODES THAT WILL INCREASE YOUR GAME PLEASURE BY 4 TIMES!● Deathmatch● Time Attack● Survival● Quick MatchAN ARTIFICAL INTELLIGINCE THAT IS CONTRADICTORY TO ASIMOV'S LAWS● 4 different difficulties including easy, difficult, mastery and senior● AI's that has the same features with your Spin Warrior● AI's that could cast Magic Power against you!We give you an opportunity to release the hidden warrior inside of you. Download now and battle!

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