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A Free Fast Full Screen Private Browser Supports Immersive Mode on KitKat (4.4) This is the browser I use everyday on my phone and tablet. I wanted to a browser that was easy to clear everything, wouldnt make a bunch of sounds at embarrassing times, was full screen, and didnt have the annoying habit of running out of windows. It uses the built in Webkit or Chromium rendering engine, so the app is super small. I make several optimization, so its much faster then the stock android browser and consumes less memory. Note: Private Browser is designed to be super fast, so it uses caching. To clear the cache and everything but any file downloads, press the shredder button, or press the search key if your device has one. You can also use the two finger down, up, down gesture to clear everything. Features of Private Browser: Switch User Agent (lets you tell servers your a Normal Computer (IE), iPhone, iPad, Mac, Etc.) High Speed Render mode, beats the stock browser in the sun spider JavaScript test by 10% Option to Mute Media Volume on startup Flash Support (Requires Plug-in) Full Screen Browsing Including Immersive mode Search Button clears everything, and asks if you want to unload from memory. Background Downloads. Separate Bookmarks; HTML5 streaming video support Blocks most Popups Wont respond to location requests And Lots Lots More. The browser is now designed to be used with gestures. If you put two fingers together and slide them down, it will reveal the url bar. The complete list of gestures are: Up: toggle url bar Down: toggle url bar Left: go back Right: go forward Down then Up then Down: close down browser and clear out everything. This is the free version, there is one ad on the url bar, it goes away when your url bar isnt open. There is a paid version (Private Browser) that doesnt contain any ads. If you find a bug or want a feature, please email me. I love hearing from users Thanks for looking at my browser. -James

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