Loco Craft: Exploration And Building




Please give our game a 5 stars - your evaluations inspirate us to improve the game. Your support is very important for developers and for our development.This game is for those who love adventure and creativity! Here, you definitely will not be bored! This game will appeal to both children and adults.There are two game modes: survival and creativity. Create your perfect world! Make it brighter and more interesting with advanced settings.All generated worlds store many secrets and unpredictable finds! But be on the alert, you never know when you'll have to defend yourself!In addition, each of the worlds has its own conservation, and you can return to the game later without any loss.For more fun you can play with your friends in multiplayer mode.This game will not leave anyone indifferent! It will entice you for a long time. In this game is always fun and very interesting!Thank you for choosing our game! Pleasant pastime and high achievements in the game!Board to switch to flight mode- Press once on the button in the center of the joystick;- To go up, slide your finger from the same button to the top arrow;- To go down, slide your finger from the same button to the bottom arrow;- To land, press again on the button in the center of the joystick.Features:Beautiful graphics in high resolution.It is supported by all modern devices.Free flight mode.Randomly generated maps with complete freedom of action.Dynamically changing world.Many other inhabitants and animals.Two game modes: survival and creativity.Many different blocks and objects.Even more items and functions.Different types of terrain.Multiplayer modeFor all age categories.