Accountable2You, LLC



Accountable2You monitors your device to help keep you accountable for all actions for the purpose of integrity. The app is designed for all users including users with disabilities. Features: ✓ Monitors all user activity and browsers ✓ Monitors incognito activity ✓ Monitors Google Image Searches ✓ Ability to setup accountability partners ✓ Uninstall notification ✓ App circumvention attempts are captured ✓ Sends alert emails for objectionable content ✓ Sends instant text alerts for highly objectionable content ✓ All records are available on our website for your accountability partner to view anytime ✓ Ability to disable monitoring of specific apps. (this will alert your partners) ✓ Option for GPS location tracking (must be enabled in the Settings option) ✓ Accessibility bar to assist users with disabilities A membership with Accountable2You is required and starts at $6.99/month ( All membership plans begin with a 10 day free trial Be accountable while using YouTube, Facebook and the Internet using any browser A membership with Accountable2You allows you to use the software on all your Android, PC, Mac, iOS, Chromebook and Linux devices for just one price. Permissions: This app uses the Device Administrator permission. We use this permission to monitor if the app has been removed from the device and alert the accountability partners of this action. The app has a persistent notification icon. The notification icon is required whenever monitoring of the app is occurring. This app uses Accessibility services. This permission is needed for users with low vision disability or restricted motor skill impairment to use their device and still be accountable. We also use this permission to record users actions for the purpose of accountability. Troubleshooting: Please contact us at a href="" or checkout our extensive help section on our website Where accountability and technology meet™

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