A.I.type EZReader Theme Pack




*** EZReader Theme Pack - requires A.I.type Keyboard 1.9.5 or above (either Plus or Free) *** The EZReader Theme is a unique user interface providing a more accessible look & feel for ai.type Keyboard users with features such as high contrast and voice narration. The Theme was specially designed to present larger keys that are easily seen by people who prefer such experience. Its also very usful for visually impaired users. Check it out, its FREE *** Features *** 1. Larger, clearer, easy to read font 2. High contrast color scheme 3. Built in key-hints 4. Voice Narration for typing and corrections (Can be switched off) The EZReader Theme pack is installed on your device SD card by default. Once installed, youll be able to select the EZReader theme from the Themes Gallery under settings. Tag: A.I.type Keyboard free , A.I.type Keyboard Plus , A.I.type Emoji Keyboard plugin , theme gallery

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