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Unleash the great looks and mass appeal of your Android device, with askiaface for Android. Your mobile CAPI projects will never have looked as good.Askiaface for Android combines the beauty of the Android environment with the raw power of our survey design, data collection and agent management tools.DEMO INFORMATION:User name: askiaPassword: foreverAskiafield server: face.askia.comWith askiaface for Android you get:- A free Android app: that lets your agents connect directly (via askiafield) to complete mobile interviews.- Full integration: askiaface for Android links seamlessly into other Askia products giving you advanced survey design features and effective fieldwork management.- Great looks: a brand new Material design inspired user interface perfectly adapted for your mobile phone and/or tablet.- Control over the look and feel: as it's built using the askiaweb rendering engine you can easily customise your survey with CSS, graphic resources and JavaScript, to get the look just right.- Tools that are always ready: agents can conduct interviews on or off-line with off-line data being synced as soon as a device is reconnected.- Tools that are always up to date: you can synchronise data easily using manual, automatic or scheduled connections. This automatically checks the latest version of survey, quotas, resources and messages making sure your agents are always working with the latest version.Control of your projects: askiaface for Android's integration with askiafield means that supervisors can easily update the survey during fieldwork.

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