ASRA Coags Pain




ASRA Coags Pain app transforms the 2015 'Interventional Spine and Pain Procedures in Patients on Antiplatelet and Anticoagulant Medications Guideline' into a quick and easy reference for your daily practice. It provides quick access to drug-specific and procedure-specific summary information regarding when to hold and restart a variety of medications including anticoagulants, antiplatelets, herbals, and antidepressants.You can search for drugs by:• Brand name• Generic nameYou can get recommendations for:• High, Intermediate, and Low Risk Procedures• Modifiers for patients at higher bleeding risk• Herbal Medications• Antidepressant medications• When to restart medications after a procedureAdditionally, more detailed information for each drug can be access using the "info" button next to the drug in the list. From there, you can access:• Method of Action for each drug.• Executive Summary for each drug.• The Full 2015 ASRA guideline in PDF form.Project developed at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.Code written by Mustard Seed Software LLC.

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