AxiKit Accident Report Kit


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Protect yourself or your business fleet with AxiKit. It's the easiest, most effective accident app from the leader in accident report kits. REQUIRES LOGIN/PASSWORD (SEE BELOW) Accidents happen without warning. With AxiKit you're prepared so you can avoid costly mistakes. AxiKit guides you step by step and makes it easy to capture vital information quickly and accurately. Everything is saved to a report that's quickly sent to others. Download now for peace of mind later!*PLEASE NOTE: Requires login name and password you received from your provider or employer. Features:• Customizable for your specific needs• Accurate voice recordings eliminate the errors & hassle of typing• Capture valuable witness statements in their own voice• Signature capture Release Form helps prove your case if other driver admits fault• Built-in map automatically pinpoints accident location date and time• Photo checklist helps you capture all vital images of the scene• Notify emergency services and your emergency contact at the touch of a button• Produces a detailed report with photos, voice recordings, and all crucial information• Send your report quickly at the touch of a button.• Easily exchange information with other driver using quick send feature• User friendly controls • Flexible recordings: add multiple recordings as needed• Most functions available without an internet connection • Spreadsheet Compatible File with each report so you can manage, track and measure data from reports in spreadsheets or databases.• Clear All Report: so management can receive confirmation that all accident data, photos and recordings have been cleared from the device.• Also available in SpanishQuestions, comments, or suggestions? We value your feedback! Please email us at

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