ASTEROIDS! Full Release

Baobab Studios



From the director of Madagascar, ASTEROIDS! is the follow-up episode to the Emmy award-winning film INVASION! DIVE INTO A NEW ANIMATED SPACE ADVENTURE and experience the challenges of outer space as you become part of the crew in a journey with quirky aliens Mac, Cheez (Elizabeth Banks) and their sidekick Peas (Ingrid Nilsen). In this 11-minute immersive cinematic, you are a task robot, and it's up to you to save the crew while you are taken on a deep space mission where you and your new friends come face-to-face with teeth-gnashing space-bugs and careening asteroids. In the process of saving the crew, you become a respected member of the ship and are taught what really matters in life. ASTEROIDS! was a Sundance Official Selection and won the Unity Vision Award for best virtual reality. **BONUS SHIP EXPLORER MODE**EXPLORE MAC AND CHEEZ FANTASTIC SPACESHIP and get a first look with exclusive behind-the-scenes concept art and colorful backstory. Look around, and uncover alien secrets using your own special Transponder. Just be courteous and don't peek inside their bedrooms!

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