Bus Safari Rush - Fun Endless Stampede Run

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The Subway game of the year, the wildest and funnest endless runner adventure!The next great rush adventure has arrived with new wild surfers. Not only will you have to run, jump, dive and dodge, you will have to fight melee against enemies, build the magic phrase words and escape from ferocious animals. Flee island cannibal monsters in an endless run race in the amazing run jungle!The new surfer explorers of the subway have travelled to the great African Savannah, in an adventure full of dangers and wild animals running like crazy. Choose your new adventurous subway explorer and get ready for the best race of 2018! Bus Safari Rush is a new free game with no end to run on an epic endless rush adventure alongside the top new surfers of the year. Look out! Lions, giraffes, gorillas and many more jungle animals will try and crush you. All while evil island cannibals will try to eat you in their wild jungle home! This is the funnest race of 2018. A new rush story with all sorts of characters, cannibal archers, zombies, trucks, bus tours and more make it endless fun to avoid being demolished in an awesome safari like you've never seen before. Find the hidden jungle temple and let each endless race surprise you!Bus Safari Rush - Fun Endless Stampede Run features beautiful graphics of exotic colors, along with a UI and gameplay specially designed for Android devices. Super easy to play, sliding sideways, jumping, rolling and catching fruits to eat and not lose strength.BUS SAFARI RUSH - FUN ENDLESS STAMPEDE RUN FEATURES:✔ Fun Runner Battles - Play in the Combat Zone.✔ Hidden words: find the phrase to unlock hidden powers.✔ Wild Animals: dodge beasts you find in the jungle✔ Crazy enemies: cannibal archers, crazy gorillas, angry crocodiles!✔ Unlock achievements: see how far you can go!ENDLESS RUNNER FUN KEEPS ON GOING!✔ Runner game jungle scenery✔ Easy game to pick up: Tutorial Levels to learn how to play✔ Full Android support for all devices and tablets.✔ Great graphics: beautiful and simple interface✔ Upgrades & power-ups: amazing vacuum magnets, fruits & more✔ Power up with letters and secret phrases!✔ Unlock characters to play!Time to start endless running! Run with Alex and your best friends in this fun and amazing jungle adventure!