Agelore's Fantasy FPS - VR

Big Immersive



Optimized for daydream, this virtual reality game allows you to enter the Fantasy land of Agnathore as the “Ageless Lore,” commonly known as Agelore, the all-powerful protector of the realm. Your trusty all-knowing staff is going to help you defeat the greedy, evil Pixens, who want to take over the peaceful empire down, for their Lord Pixenhyme. Kill as many Pixens as you can, as they'll never stop coming!Killing Pixens and absorbing their energy allows you to upgrade your health, the damage of the staff… but does that have any effect on your soul? Can you resist the temptation of ruling it all?Let's find out!About Agelore's Fantasy:Developer: Varrow Interactive Publisher: Big ImmersiveQueries: contact@bigimmersive.comPrivacy:

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