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Blinker – Buy and sell cars yourself**Currently available in Colorado, Texas, and Florida Blinker makes it easier, quicker and safer than ever to buy and sell cars directly with other people. Sellers can list their car for sale with the snap of a photo. Buyers can get pre-approved for a car loan with the snap of a photo. Plus, because there's no middleman, sellers earn more and buyers save more. INSTANTLY SEE THE BLACK BOOK™ VALUE OF YOUR CARAll you have to do is snap a photo of your car and Blinker will instantly display all the details about it, including estimated Black Book™ value, mileage and more. LIST YOUR CAR FOR SALE, EFFORTLESSLYWith the tap of one button, you can list your car for sale in the Blinker marketplace, other major marketplaces and your own social networks. SELL YOUR CAR YOURSELF, EVEN IF YOU'RE STILL MAKING PAYMENTSFor the first time ever, you don't have to feel tied down by car payments. Blinker releases you from your current loan by paying off the remaining balance and completing all the paperwork when you sell through the app. GET A CAR LOAN WITH THE SNAP OF A PHOTOBy simply snapping a photo of your driver's license, you can instantly pre-qualify for a loan directly through the app, without affecting your credit score. When it's time to close, Blinker helps with all the paperwork too. REFINANCE YOUR CAR RIGHT ON YOUR PHONETo lower your monthly car payment, just snap a photo of your car and answer a few questions. Blinker pays off your existing loan and gives you a better loan right through the app. PRIVATE PARTY IS NO LONGER A SKETCHY PARTYBlinker verifies the identity of every buyer, checks ownership records of every seller, and offers a free CARFAX Report™ for every car in the marketplace. EARN SOME EXTRA BENJAMINSWhen you sell your car yourself with Blinker, there are no fees and no middlemen taking a cut – which means you can earn thousands more per sale. That's no chump change. CLOSE THE DEAL WITH CONFIDENCEWhen you complete a transaction within the app, Blinker helps you complete the paperwork, transfer the title and ensures secure payment in as little as one business day - all for free. Plus, our customer support team is available by phone or email to help make the process smoother than ever.