Blued - Gay Social, Live

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Blued is a FREE gay social app with 27millions users around the world. Blued can help you connect gay communities easy and fun. Share your gay life with good guys in this big family now!• Find people you share common with! 👬Check out interesting boys in Blued.Make the best of filters to narrow it down to your very own type.• Join to this big family, just like you're used to! 💬Connect with whoever interests you. Send them your pics, videos, audioclips and if that's not enough, join any group for more livelyconversations. • Interact with millions of gay men! 🌈Follow whoever you're interested in to see their adventures. Share your own pics and videos. Build your own network of gay followers.• Broadcast the gay life in Blued! 🌟Go Live and shown millions of users what life is like in this community. Become a Blued star and even earn rewards!Join the world's largest gay social network today.For troubleshooting and issues, contact or jointhe ‘Blued Support' group (search by ID: 10000) in app.Facebook: @bluedappInstagram: @bluedappTwitter: @blued