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Have you ever wondered if there is a simple way to confirm when your family, friends or groups are free for a simple reunion or an event? – Bsociable is a smart app that automatically reads individual calendars for every friend or family in your group, and finds the date and time that suits everyone's schedule. Bsociable app is the ideal event planner for family, friends and groups. From small reunions between couples to large cooperate events, organizing a simple get together is no longer a challenging agenda.Features:• GROUP CALENDAR: Confirm your family/friends and groups schedule and create events in less than 3 seconds. • EVENTS: Plan ahead and create multiple events with your groups. Get a clear count on the total invitees to your invitation with the free and automatic RSVP system.• DIETARY PREFERENCE: Sharing your dietary preferences will enable the event host to cater the food to your requirements.• INTEGRATED MAP: Find locations for your event instantly and direct your invitees to the event location with ease. • CHOICE OF GROUPS - With Bsociable, you have the choice to create different types of groups. From day to day chat groups to actively connected groups, Bsociable offers a solution for your lifestyle.1. Private – All group participants can chat and the option to create events for get-together is open to everyone. (Example: Casual catch-ups, couple's dinners)2. Public – Only group admin and additional hosts can chat in a group, guests are limited to RSVP an event invitation only. (Example: Wedding, Birthday or Corporate events). • GROUP CHAT: Enjoy meaningful messaging in group chat and send and receive multimedia files such as photos, videos, audio and text messaging.• LOCATION SERVICE: Know the location of your guests, 2 hours before the start time of your event. Give yourself a reliable picture on the estimated arrival time of the guests.Why should you use Bsociable?• Bsociable is a 100% free and secure mobile platform that connects with your phone's internet or the Wi-Fi connection to send messages and event invitations to your family and friends. There are NO subscriptions to use Bsociable and the mobile app will always be FREE of charge.• The app syncs with your calendar and that of your phone contacts to keep an up to date record of your movements.• Multiple events can be created within a group by any group member and the simple RSVP system allows real time tally of confirmations.Bsociable app has much more to offer, you can even associate your partner as a couple and share full calendars between each other. In addition, you can sync with Google and your phone calendar to keep an up to date record of your availability. At Bsociable we understand the challenges associated when coordinating events. We have developed a comprehensive mobile app so that you don't have to jump platforms and simply spend your valuable time interacting face to face with those that matter most in your life.We hope that you enjoy the experience and please send us your feedback via email to or ‘Contact Us' through the FAQ section on the app.