CALMEAN Control Center




The CALMEAN Control Center is designed for parents who want to control their Children's phones, as well as those who own one of the Calmean devices (smartwatch CALMEAN Child Watch, smartwatch Senior Watch, Pendant, Pet Tracker).With the CALMEAN Control Center, you can check the current location of a person for safe keeping, check their activity, and get an alert when something goes wrong. By protecting your child's phone using the Calmean Control Center, you can:1. Determine how long and during which days / hours your child can use their applications and games - so that they do not neglect their learning and other responsibilities.2. Be sure your children do not download apps that are not for them (violence, pornography, etc.). You have the ability to block any application on your child's phone. You will also be able to choose to accept new applications before your child can use them.3. With the child's movement history you know where your child has been and - with the location feature (up to 1 meter accuracy) exactly where they are now .4. Be able to check with whom your child has contact and block access to people who may have a bad influence on them. You will be able to accept any new contact addresses on your child's phone.5. Be sure that your child does not receive suspicious SMSs and calls - you can block calls from all unknown people (from outside of the contact book).6. Know when your child was in the wrong place (for example, left school during school hours) by setting specific zones where the child should remain at an allocated time (for example according to the school plan). If the child leaves the set zone or does not appear in it, you will receive an alert.7. Know your child uses secure web sites - by viewing his or her web activity... and many other fantastic possibilities to protect your loved ones.Remember, with the help of one app, you can protect many people (for example, all your children) - each with a separate profile.If you are protecting your child's phone, you will need to install a separate application (Parental Control) on it; You will receive the link to it and the following configuration steps.We invite you to try our application.CALMEAN CONTROL CENTER is an effective protection for your children 24/7!Simple and fast configurationYou can add all your loved ones - up to 10 peopleYou see a map of where your children areYou decide which applications they can use on their phonesYou set a time-limit for each applicationYou decide which contacts are safe for your childYou specify safety zones for your childYou can see what your child is doing - what they send, who they call, and how they use the internet on their phoneYou have many other configuration options to help protect your child most effectively