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Cannopoly is a cannabis and weed dispensary locator; and brand discovery app that keeps you up to date with all the latest trends and discounts & deals in the marijuana industry.Download the app to:•Explore marijuana brands such as Mary Jane's Medicinals, Boulder Botanicals, Eureka Vapor & More!•Locate cannabis dispensaries near you.•Get information on doctors near you to relieve your chronic pain.•Check out our exclusive deals and rebates that can be applied to any legal cannabis dispensary, delivery service or storefront. Our Explore feature has a database of weed strains, we have in-depth information on:•Lemon Kush•Sour Diesel•Sweet Island Skunk•Terpenes•And moreWith our Locate feature, you can:•Find doctors who specialize in cannabis solutions.•Search nearby medical dispensaries to help with your chronic pain.•Discover local recreational dispensaries.•Locate head shops where you can purchase bongs and other accessories.Want to read about the latest cannabis news? Our Green Pages blog covers the latest topics in marijuana legalization, trends, events, health & wellness, and education. While we don't sell products, we improve the way you buy. Our rebates are digital and receipt-based, so you can find deals, go buy products and accessories from any legal dispensary or smoke shop and save!Signing up is easy and safe. Must be 21 or older in order to sign up. Currently available in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Vermont, but will be blaze into other states soon!