Jetpack Paw Dog Puppy




Jetpack Paw Dog Puppy, Action and Adventure is an endless war game developed for lovers, you can go without dying using a lot of obstacles in the game fly or a gun in your hand and proceeded to the farthest point aims to reach the highest score. Use your favorite Jetpack Paw Dog Puppy, snazzy outfit and stock up on items then get out there for a quick Jetpack Paw Dog Puppy! Jet Fire can give you hours of fun and frustration! How to play – Tap the right button to fire the bullet – Collect super bullet while you are flying – Collect health pack to go further Features : – 8 colorful main paw puppy character – 3 different background, generate random – Great sound and graphics – 20 type of enemies : flying, running – 7 items : health pack and super bullets – Shop manager to buy more character Engel as thorns, which you shoot enemies, from the air are flying bombs on you, of course air bombs, extra weapons and health packs to provide support for you to stay in your life. Difficult games and fun lovers must try.