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Expecting a baby? With our new "Boy or girl?" Gender Predictor Application, you will be able to ask the stork personally if you're having a boy or a girl and plan accordingly. Our app uses information from the latest available scientific studies to predict if you're having a daughter or a son, and gives you the results in a fun way.Pregnancy is long and can make anyone impatient, now mom and dad will be able to find out their baby's sex in a matter of seconds, just like a remote ultrasound!Unlike most other "son or daughter" predictors, our app considers all kind of proven factors that you wouldn't imagine could be involved in determining baby gender: Diet, ethnicity, climate, the father's age... All of which could be linked to the mother's chances of having a boy or a girl. After all, it is a matter of probability, but don't worry: All of it will be presented to you in a simple and entertaining way in our user-friendly app.Our app is also✓100% free✓Easy to use and✓Available in multiple languagesFeel free to download it, share it, rate it and contact us if necessary. Go ahead, try it out!