Fitness Pal - Workout Gym and Bodybuilding Trainer

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Fitness Pal - Workout Gym and Bodybuilding Trainer is an all in one fitness app. All components are completely functional offline. It was designed so that it can be your only fitness app. Fitness Pal - Workout Gym and Bodybuilding Trainer includes advice for various sub-groups in the fitness community, fitness challenges, explanation and animation of all important gym movements, workout routines, diet plans, calorie calculator, BMI calculator, body fat calculator, one rep max calculator, steps tracker(pedometer), calorie logger, workout logger, heart monitor and a progress tracker. Thats just about everything you need for the gym, running, and fitness in general. FEATURES *Fitness Challenges *Calorie Calculator *BMI Calculator *Body Fat Calculator *One Rep Max Calculator *Gym and body-weight exercises instructions and animations *Meal Plans (PDF Reader required) *Workout Routines for all level of exercise enthusiast *Useful advice to various sub-groups about diet, fitness and training *Progress Tracker with various stat components and picture database *Workout logs to keep track of gym, steps, bodybuilding, weight progress or anything numbers you want to track (Add stats before going to stats tab, otherwise crash will occur) *Pedometer to count your steps *Calorie Tracker *Heart monitor Use at the gym, during workout, track calories after meals with food database, plan your meals with a long list of diets, track calories and speed during running and walking, check heart rate before, during and after workout, and track your progress with pictures, weight, heart rate, workout stats and anything else you want to add. Become the bodybuilder, runner, athlete you have always wanted to be. Experience your possibilities with the full featured Fitness Pal - Workout Gym and Bodybuilding Trainer app. And its all 100% free(there is no paid version) and 100% offline. Note: The Fitness Pal - Workout Gym and Bodybuilding Trainer app uses the menu button, access to this will differ based on the device (Used by pedometer to change settings and workout tracker to add exercises and gain access to settings). The app also has a sleep-lock so close app when not in use, and stop pedometer, otherwise battery will drain a bit faster. Heart monitor requires 10-30 seconds to make accurate reading (Do not press too hard on camera as this will reduce blood flow and give a false reading). Also the heart monitor does not function without a camera flash. Important that you ensure that you have a PDF reader app installed, as this is required to open some documents in the app. All positive or negative comments are welcomed. Enjoy use of the Fitness Pal - Workout Gym and Bodybuilding Trainer app.

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