Coub — GIFs with sound

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Make video loops from YouTube, GIF, Camera, Library, whatever. Pick the best moment, add a cool soundtrack. Youre the boss here Coubs are seamless and HD, so its the ideal format for creating loops that stay true to the original source material. If you love loops but youre sick of low-resoultion, overly compressed GIFs, Coub is definitely for you. Coubs can be horizontal, vertical, widescreen, any format you like, basically. Find the best coubs by following themed channels. Movies, TV shows, series, anime and well... cats: whatever your interest, theres probably a channel for it. And if there isnt, you can always make one yourself. — Make coubs from YouTube, GIF, Camera, Library, whatever. — Trim the best moment with help of our handy editor. — Add any audio track from your library or from YouTube video to add new atmosphere. — Your coubs will appear in your channel and on your subscribers timelines. — Subscribe to other users channels and collect coubs in your channel using the Recoub button. — Share coubs with friends on Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit and many other social platforms.

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