Digital Domain



Digital Domain's unprecedented content is the driving force powering NBA VR, making every NBA fan's dream a reality. In this app, the viewer is transported to their very own lavish Three-Dimensional Virtual Sports Lounge with admission to unique and personal NBA content.In the immersive 360 Lounge, fans have access to Video-On-Demand technology, where they can watch NBA highlights and features in their own giant, private screening room with tailored, On-Demand player and team statistics.Here, fans also experience House of Legends, as an active member of the cast for an experience unlike any other. Each episode transports real NBA stars into the fans' private Virtual Sports Lounge where they talk pop culture and all things basketball.House of Legends is the most intimate NBA experience available, giving fans an open door to all things NBA and the ability to virtually hang out with their favorite players, all from the comfort of their home.