Bingo World Adventure: Mermaid Kingdom Quest

Beautiful Bingo Games by Difference Games LLC


EXPLORE THE UNDERWATER WORLD OF MERMAID KINGDOMBingo World Adventure transports you to a new fantasy world – in the deepest region of the ocean, miles under the surface, is the legendary mermaid kingdom. Swim and play bingo with the most beautiful mermaids as you embark on an adventure through their vast underwater kingdom. GO ON AN EPIC BINGO ADVENTURE WITH OVER 75 LEVELS! As you journey through the magical world of mermaid kingdom, you'll be able to play over 75 levels of fun 2 and 4 card bingo. Meet exciting new characters on the way and, with so many amazing bingo games to play, you'll have hours of fun playing our mermaid themed bingo game! UNLOCK STUNNING MERMAID KINGDOM ARTWORK Collect puzzle pieces for completing each bingo game as you journey through mermaid kingdom. Use these puzzle pieces to unlock beautifully illustrated artwork of the kingdom's creatures. Collect illustrations of stunning mermaids who call the underwater world home – print them, save to your phone's gallery, use as a HD wallpaper and more! Can you collect them all?SPIN THE MERMAID WHEEL OF FORTUNEIn the heart of the mermaid kingdom is the wheel of fortune. Once every 24 hours you can spin it for a free reward to help you on your adventure! Win extra daubers, coins, keys and more. Be sure to visit every day and claim your free gifts!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BINGO WORLD ADVENTURE: MERMAID KINGDOM - HIGHLIGHTS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------★ Fun, free bingo game for all ages★ Play through 80 levels of fantastic free bingo★ Explore different parts of the Mermaid Kingdom, each with their own dauber★ Unlock stunning artwork showcasing the most stunning mermaids in the kingdom★ Spin the magical wheel of fortune for free bingo prizes and rewards★ Collect free coins and use them to buy power ups to help on your bingo adventure★ Use your keys to unlock treasure chests at the end of each level – what could they contain?★ Change the bingo caller speed to suit your playing style★ Play our bingo game offline – no internet connection required! For classic bingo fun with a mermaid twist, look no further than Bingo World Adventure: Mermaid Kingdom! Full of wonder, beauty and bingo, you'll have hours and hours of fun playing bingo with these mysterious, mesmerizing creatures. ================================================================================COME AND PLAY BINGO IN THE MERMAID KINGDOM – DOWNLOAD FOR FREE TODAY!================================================================================