Call Blocker Caller ID & Phone Number Blacklist

Stan Seaton



Are you always annoyed that you can not block fake and unwanted calls? You feel uncomfortable because you do not know who called you? Now, with the world's largest data system, we provide you phone number blocker app and message block with solutions that help miss call alert, block caller and sms or identify caller information with name and place details with address. With localized language and feature superiority, this block phone number app has been satisfying millions of users across the globe. Great features of smart dialer contacts apps: 1. Call blocker and sms blocker - Block caller id with call blacklist call blocker pro - Call blocker and text message blocker both at home and abroad - Caller id and block calls texts all numbers not in my contacts to help prevent spam, spam messages - Call blocker no spam voicemail - Block callers from calling and texting with creating caller blacklist - Customize to block numbers and texts with adding/removing any phone number in all call blacklist to call switch off 2. Caller ID - Thanks to the large database system, the mobile number information apps will display the actual call id information instead of the strange number display. - You will always check phone numbers to see whos calling you before picking up - Red display to warn of spam calls, contests or scams 3. Search phone numbers - You get calls from strange numbers, you want to check who that is? Just enter your phone number into the search bar, and we'll help you find out if it's a fake number. 4. Call recorder pro - Recorder call and save if you want - Record calls automatically and delete if needed - Set a password for the recording to ensure the privacy of the conversation - Option to record if you are making a call 5. Smartphone dialer - You can quickly search in call logs or contacts to make a call in a flash - The dialer does not interfere with the phone book but still makes the search and dial smooth, accurate. 6. Hide hide phone number caller id - We provide secret caller id list to hide phone number on calling, you can choose the phone number to put into this list - Protect the privacy and privacy of these calls, messages - All history related to the number in this list will automatically disappear after the call 7. Make fake caller id number prank - Set up a call to fake - Help for the most emergencies 8. Report the phone number - You receive an anonymous call, please report to our database immediately - Save the data to give the next time or next user 9. Scan quick caller history - C all history manager save history block numbers, call history for easy tracking Advantages of phone number blacklist app - Support multiple languages in missed call and text reminder app - Option to hide phone number when calling - Miss call notification - Prompts for incoming messages - Nice interface of free cell phone number blocker & miss call reminder app, easy to use all incoming call blacklist application - Download and install completely free It's great for a small but powerful incoming call blacklist apps that incorporates extremely useful features. Now, feel free to pick up any incoming call. All caller information, all unwanted calls both at home and abroad are processed by us quickly. Download the call black list free apps to your smart phone as it is called! Do not forget to rate 5 * call id and block app to support the developer!