Can I Retire Yet?



Can I Retire Yet? is the fastest, easiest solution for retirement planning on Android. In just minutes, this simple, fun retirement calculator gives you an integrated picture of your spending, saving, investing, and path to retirement! Watch the introductory videos over on our YouTube channelFeatures: - Job, pension, Social Security, and retirement work income - Pre- and post-retirement expenses - Simple pre- and post-retirement effective tax rates - User-specified inflation rate - Predefined accounts: taxable savings plus user-configurable tax-deferred or tax-free retirement account - Starting balances and returns for each account - Annual retirement savings transfer - Solve for retirement age, age when you run out of money, annual income needed to retire, or total savings needed to retire - Dynamic, fuel gauge output - Average return analysis - Default values, interactive input, and extensive help system with explanation of all financial terms make entering your own numbers a snap! Based on technology from the popular blog Can I Retire Yet?