Find the Scout Elves — The Elf on the Shelf®

The Elf on the Shelf®



★ AN OFFICIAL ELF ON THE SHELF® APPSanta needs your help to find his Scout Elves in this fun Christmas game for kids! From Rookie to All-Star, train to be one of the North Pole's skilled Scout Elf spotters. Play through multiple levels and spot as many elves as you can to receive special training certificates. FEATURES:• SANTA'S MESSAGES — Hear from Santa about this special training. • TRAINING LEVELS — Play this kids game to train to be the best Scout Elf spotter, and prepare for your Scout Elf's return and visit this holiday season. • CERTIFICATES — Earn Training Certificates for each stage you complete. From Rookie to All-Star, you'll get all the practice you need at spotting elves as they play peek-a-boo. • SPOTTER BADGES— Win special spotter badges for being extra quick, finding all the elves, collecting special bonuses, and more! Keep playing to find unlock them all. • BONUSES — Find special hidden bonuses throughout each level as rewards for being excellent at spotting elves.