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What we doAnswersNow connects parents and caregivers of children with autism directly to an expert via private text and audio. It will assist you in answering your general question, provide learning tools and help prepare you for moments of crisis. Your personal AnswersNow clinician is there to provide constant and consistent support while most importantly, enabling you to feel confident in the daily interactions with your child. Get answers to your question by a certified expert whenever, wherever.How it works- Sign UpCreate an account to get updates and our monthly newsletter containing general and specific parenting tips.- Complete QuestionnaireTalk to us about your situation so we can pair you with a clinician who has experience working with families with your unique needs. Build a program or hone in on one behavior. Each child is different, and so is every plan! - Get Help, AnytimeEveryone is individually unique, including those with Autism. Our staff of licensed clinicians realize each child develops at their own rate and that it takes time to understand each individual. Our expertise is in finding a method that works, fostering progress and strengthening the relationship between you and your child.Visit to learn more or email us at!

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