Supermarket Simulator: US Police Rescue Games

Great Games Studio



Super police supermarket rescue is a latest combination of superhero police games and shooting thief games. Are you fearless enough to accept the challenge of to evacuate supermarket with your maverick police heroes and stop the grand city robbery? Join hands with supermarket rescue stars to take down criminals of this grand city robbery game. This top addition to police heroes city rescue games unfolds an interesting scenario; during last few days mad city police hero squad has been reported about increase in city crime rate.Police squad is now in search of robbers who have made this habit of mugging inside local super markets on daily basis. They have made innocent customers and store staff their hostage and are stealing money from the cash register. Take your very own mad city shooter squad to fight these criminals, do not let these human monster escape again, arrest them and put them in to stop this mad mafia robbery for good. Choose very own police super hero, each one of them have a given special ability to fight evil city gangsters. You being a police rescue hero on duty will be reporting for a hostage situation in a superstore near your police station. As per the mysterious phone call, thieves are looting hypermarket and keeping local shoppers as their captives, you need to rust to the supermarket with your super squad and fight these criminals in the greatest of super rescue hero games. Save the mall girl who has been held as a hostage in this finest of mall girl games. Use your pistol to shoot gangsters, if at any time you are out of bullets then use your extreme combat skills to put enemy to the ground in this paramount of crime police games. One of the mad criminal wearing a crown has made rich girl a hostage and is dragging her towards the exit point, save her before the time runs out. Stop the grand heist and make this shopping mall a secure place with the help of mall security guard. Be the police hero in town! Use your expertise to secure the shopping mall from burglars in best possible way in this vertex of supermarket firing games. This crime simulator is all about saving civilians and making city a safe zone after getting rid of these insane criminals in this best of maverick police heroes fighting games. These mad criminals belong to a Russian mafia; execute a plan to end all criminal activity with help of your police shooting superhero squad in this deluxe of mad city mafia robbery games. Play grand city robbery game and stop cash counter money snatching from cashier girl in crazy supermarket gangster game. ***Features*** • An absolute treat for lovers of rescue stars games and mad city criminal robbery games with comprehensive gameplay of 4 missions.• Impressive and intuitive on screen controls for fans of maverick police shooting games.• Realistic sound effects to capture essence of fearless shooting breakout battle games.• Amazing 3D supermarket games environment.So guys prepare for the ultimate maverick police rescue missions! Fight with sinful robbers to get rid of mad robbery mafia and make your city a safe place with help of crime fighter rescue stars. Download now “MAVERICK POLICE HEROES: SUPERMARKET RESCUE STARS” and enjoy this fearless police shooter!People are enjoying their holiday at the busy shopping mall which is offering weekend sales! What they don't know is that they are going to be attacked by evil inhuman terrorists who are in desperate need of money and can do anything to loot the shopping mall. There are women and children inside the super market, families are enjoying their peace time. You along with your superhero police squad will be reporting for immediate response to stop the grand city robbery.

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