Cupcake Smash: Cookie Charms

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Smash or pass Sweet treats are turned into littles in the kitchen. Cute cookies and cookie charms are made ready for the cookie maker in this free puzzle game. And its a real funny game. Ever worked in the kitchen with sweet treats and cookie charms after a huge BLITZ happened? Its kinda cute. So, lets smash or pass Get ready for an amazing match 3 bakery adventure with cakes, cookies and sweet treats in your kitchen. This funny free puzzle game is all about matching. Lets get a cupcake smash BLITZ Cupcake Smash Cookie Charms has some unique features that are too sweet to not tell you about. It let you be brilliant: Funny Game. This amazing match 3 and free puzzle game is not also very addictive, its also a very funny game Try it out and blitz the most sweet cookie charms. Smash or pass Super Cute Cakes. The bakery makes sweet littles in the cupcake smash machine. Be brilliant in the kitchen and make some noise with your personal cookie maker Sweet Challenges. Our free puzzle game includes lots of sweet challenges that you can do. Match cakes and sweet treats to solve the levels. It aint easy, but its a challenge for sure Lets smash or pass Delicious Cupcake Smash Wonderland. You will play in the kitchen of the bakery, but the wonderland around is just as beautiful Very colorful cookie charms are all around the globe, more than your cookie maker can ever handle. Connect your game with Facebook friends and see how well theyve blitz their sweet treats. Cookie charms are not for you alone, its for everyone A funny game will be played by many, and thats why its a free puzzle game to play. Get ready for Cupcake Smash or pass. The cookie charms are there now and blitz all sweet treats and cakes into littles The kitchen will be your favorite wonderland. Join friends, enter the kitchen of the bakery and start this amazing match 3 adventure with your cookie maker. BLITZ Help us by rating Cupcake Smash: Cookie Charms with a lot of stars. You can also follow us on Facebook:

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