Basketball Stats Lite

Hayava, Inc


This free version only allows you to track points for up to 15 players on your team. You can purchase additional features at a later time like full emailing abilities, and season stats generation. Now able to track MORE stats in the free version like in the regular version. - Quarters or Halves- Set Bonus indicator- Track team time outs- Line up now saved on this version.- Only Team Stats are sent via e-mail; See full versions (Standard or PRO) for ability to send them via HTML or CSV file.TO MAKE CORRECTION, TOGGLE THE + TO - TO INDICATE IN CORRECTION MODE.**** USER REVIEWS/COMMENTS FROM JANUARY RELATE TO OLD FORMAT (before version 2) - REVIEWS OF VERSION 3.0 NEEDED ****Ver 3.0 - Format changed to match our Standard / PRO version- Track all stats that the regular version tracks (rebounds, assists,blocks, steals, Timeouts)- Quarters/Halves supported- Ability to save lineups- Last game save/loaded on exit/startup of app