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Filtered Web Browser that will replace other Browsers.Once installed this browser will be used in order to enforce filtering rules.This app uses the Device Administrator permission.Works instantly upon installation.7 Day Free Trial then paid:http://subscribe.imlock.comCorporate accounts available,IMLock will automatically filter out pornography, and other sites you want blocked.IMLock has an Android Administration App you can download at the Google Play Store in order to remotely control IMLock from other Parent or Admin Android Phones.Block PornographyBlock Websites View Online ReportsView Location of Device OnlineView Calls7 Day Free Trial - Real-time Filtering Precise, dynamic, and fastManage Your App Settings Online:http://app.imlock.comDownload Windows Administrator:http://download.imlock.comContact Support:http://support.imlock.comsupport@imlock.comContact Sales:sales@imlock.comSubscribe Now:***** Please read carefully before installing trial *********Installation Instructions:1. Install IMLock Filter Software on you Android Device from Google Play2. Register Using Your Email Address **** Important: Please Make Sure Your Email Is Valid *******3. We will email you links and instructions4. Login to to manage settings and reports.5. IMLock will block other browsers and task managers by default.This is to ensure that users go through a filtered browser**************Website BlockerPorn BlockerParental ControlBlock PornographyBlock WebsitesBlock Adult ContentBlock Objectionable Web ContentEnsure Family Friendly Internet Usage Improve Employee ProductivityEnhance Learning ExperiencePreserve Network BandwidthBlock access to objectionable websites in the real-timeImpose safe internet browsing practicesBlock access to forums, gaming zones, chat rooms, and e-mailRestrict search engines from searching the undesired materialControl the browsing time spent by your childGeolocation for Mobile DevicesSMS ReportingCall Reporting and Call BlockingAlso Add PC's to your Account!Create Multiple Group PoliciesAssign in real time to devicesThe IMLock Browser solution works independent of your provider and blocks the Web pages containing objectionable content. The IMLock solution once installed on the client machine, communicates with a remote Server for its filtering instructions.Also, the IMLock feature for defining personalized lists and time schedules helps you customize the internet activities of your employees or family members.IMLock employs unique and proprietary filtering techniques which guarantees to block the unwanted content.Unlike the other internet filtering products with limited levels of filtering, IMLock provides real-time filtering. Apart from protecting from the questionable websites, IMLock extends its reach to SMS and Calls.Depending upon the nature of the content, the content is categorized into different lists in the database. White List – Contains the keywords of the web pages with general and inoffensive content, that you never want blocked. Black List Categories – Contains the keywords of the web pages with objectionable content. Keywords:how to block a websitehow to block websitesporn blockerwebsite blockerblock websitesparental controlparental controlsparental control softwareparental controlparental controlsparental control softwarechrome parental controlshow to block pornblock pornsite blockerhow to block on androidparental control appparental controls androidandroid parental controlbest parental control appparental control appsparental control androidhow to put parental controls on tablethow to set parental controls on android phoneandroid parental control appparental controls for androidandroid parental controlsparental controls on android