Jail Mail

Not Forgotten LLC



Jail Mail shortens the distance between you and your incarcerated friend or loved one. You can easily keep the conversation going writing letters like a text and keep them updated on events sharing photos. Leave the printing and delivery up to us.Through this simple communication you save the pain of ever having to wait in line at a post office or going anywhere to print memories. Remove the prison bars and garner the relationship. Inmates need love too!- Send letters easily, save them and come back to complete it anytime.- Send photos from your phone gallery or snap one instantly, always keep them in the loop.- Easily create a postcard and send for those jails that don't allow regular correspondence.- Put a smile on their face every time mail is called.- Login with Facebook and Google, and pick up were you left off at any time- We support all major credit cards and PayPalIf you ever have an issue please contact support@jailmailapp.com before posting a negative review. We promise to try our best to help you!