Draft Punk - Fantasy Football

Josh Clemm



*** 2017 now ready **Your ultimate mobile fantasy football draft companion tool, cheatsheet, and mock draft simulator!Not only review fantasy rankings on the go, but use this as your offline draft helper.Track over 1000 players to see the best left. Don't make the mistake of drafting a player already taken!With this app, you create a draft with your custom league settings. The rankings update based on your league settings. You can also have multiple drafts for each league. As you draft you can mark players as drafted or interested. Any progress you make gets automatically saved so you can pick up where you left off. Finally, view player profiles including info, stats, and player news.Full Feature Set:* Add your league scoring settings to get fully customized draft rankings* Sort players by value over replacement, default scoring rankings, or average draft position* Swipe to mark players as drafted - the app auto-assigns the correct team* Star interested players* See team by team view of your opponents* Filter by position, name, or depth chart* See player injury status* Average Draft position (ADP)* Full Mock Draft simulator, draft against simulated opponents (6 different drafting styles are chosen at random)* Ability to edit the rankings via drag and drop* Fantasy Football and NFL player news* Individual defensive players* Last year stats and this year's projected stats* View projected points for a league as you mark players as drafted* Ability to add notes to any player* Ability to mark players as keepers for tracking purposes* Create, copy, reset, or export / import any existing draft* Over 2000 total players, including 1000 rankedData to support various drafting strategies:* VOR (value over replacement)* Consensus rankings* Average Draft Position (ADP)* Bye weeks* Positional depth chartComing this year:* Additional data to help maximize your draft like player risk and possibly tiers* Dynamic insights as you start drafting players like team needs, recommended picks, points dropoff, and percentages that a player will be available next time you need to draft.* Years of experience including a rookie filter* Upgrade to Draft Punk Pro! within the app - remove ads, get custom rankings, mock drafts, IDP, depth charts, and more. This is a yearly upgrade.