2 Star Resort

Hyperflow Labs



Welcome to your first day at 2 Star Resort!Set in a less than stellar resort, deep in the bayou, guests get about what they paid for.With no budget for bug spray, your job as the new resort attendant is to fend off peskybugs and critters as the guest's sunbath near the swamp. Armed with your trusty flyswatter you'll squash unique bug types as they swarm your guests.Keep the bugs away from each guest to keep them happy. Do a good job to earn tips,stars and upgrade your swatter. Remember, happier guests are better tippers.Play a series of 90 second levels and squash the bugs before they land on your quests.If the bugs get too close, your guests will become irritated, resulting in lower tips.Remember, not all bugs are bad, so avoid swatting bees and butterflies or your guestmight get upset.Features • Features a fun fly swatter/bug squashing game mechanic • Earn 5 unique swatters like The Zapitron, The Enforcer and 5 Finger Fury • Meet funny guests with unique personalities like Big Jon, Slappy and Betty Sue • Play 30 fun levels with unique bug types • Earn up to 3 stars on each level • Earn tips from resort guests • Squash mosquitos, beetles and more • Custom music, voice narrative and sound effectsNow get to swattin!