DispatchTrack Field Operations




DispatchTrack is an end-to-end solution for companies with field-based employees. The solution consists of a mobile app for the field resources and a web-application for the office manager to effectively manage your field operations. Dispatch Track delivers value for service based, mobile businesses. Stop overtime, save money and reduce overhead.NOTE: Requires Scheduling and Management web console access (Monthly Subscription) to use the product. Please contact us at sales@dispatchtrack.com for more information.Features:Schedule resources & track job progressAs the dispatcher of service jobs, you can schedule your resources and define an optimal route using a map-based drag & drop interface. Avoid looking up each address and manually plotting them on a map. Our customers have reported that what used to take minutes now only takes seconds, and the job is done accurately!Turn by turn directions, real-time status update and escalationsDispatch Track not only gives turn-by-turn directions, but it also enables service personnel to communicate with the office in real-time. Send job status of job start and finish time, and enter field notes to communicate with the office manager and get help as needed.Capture key job-completion information at customer siteAfter each job is completed, capture all key information to confirm completion including images, customer signature and any key notes that can be used for future sales opportunities.Accept credit card payments at job completionDispatchTrack comes with a credit card swiper, which not only gives you the convenience of accepting payment on the job, without any delays, but it also offers a low rate (<2% per transaction!) compared to other services.Customer surveysDispatchTrack takes customer surveys to a whole new level. Capture a customer satisfaction survey on the mobile unit when service is rendered. Or simply send the survey via email and the response is stored against the service order. DispatchTrack can also take all of your customer's positive comments about the service, and capture it in a widget that you can use to promote on your company website, a facebook page or any other Internet medium --- thus improving your online reputation.Open APIWe understand you need all of your IT systems to be integrated. DispatchTrack provides an open API that allows your existing sales order, fulfillment and other systems to get and put information into DispatchTrack.