Body Shape Editor

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You want to quickly build muscle mass and reduce the stomach, but you do not have enough time for a gym? Now you can become the owner of an attractive and sexy body in seconds!Body Shape Editor can enlarge or resize body parts on Photos or Pictures. Get a curvy Shape or bigger Breasts or smaller Butt Like a Plastic Surgery. Look how you would look after a Surgeon, Botox treatment or as you did some sports or diet.Get now an attractive Body Shape or just a round Butt Shape on Photos like you did Fitness or a Liposuction!Be on Photos with a smart fashionable Body Shape Edit your Body Shape by pressing on the Body Parts you want to resize right after you have selected a picture from gallery or shoot one by yourself To Got a Curve Effects. Features of Body Shape Editor♥ Body Shaping - Waist and hip correction will shape your fantastic body.♥ Slim down - Get a slim physique, sculpted legs, arms and Abs♥ Breast Enlargement - look gorgeous♥ Buttocks - Get best Butt♥ Thighs - Sculpt your thighs♥ Eyes - For selfies you can enlarge your Eyes and look beautiful.♥ Bikini Body - Get the perfect bikini body in your favorite bikini.♥ ONE TAP SHARING on all social mediaHow to use Body Shape Editor♥ Open up a Photo from Gallery or take photo from camera♥ Touch on the Position you want to resize. ♥ Edit the radius or scale value to get the perfect result♥ Save and share with your Friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter