Little Pinkie adventure in pony game

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Pinky is a friendly, little and hyperactive pony who loves sweets 🍬and often talks and behaves illogically💫. She loves parties and jumps. Let's combine it in our new pony game! Is a cute running and jumping my litle pony game 🐎Pinkie pie works at the Sugar Palace, a confectionery. The shop is run by Mr and Mrs Pie, which allow Pinky to live indoors over a pastry shop.Pinkie say🗯: You can not be too grown-up for sweets! "Help the ponies to collect all the sweets and fast food jumping ever higher and higher!The infinite mlp arcade will not leave anyone indifferent. Jump from platform to platform, collecting as many stars ⭐as possible. But do not forget to bite burgers and donuts along the way! Tap, tap, tap!🦄Join the team of little ponies and open all the characters in this intricate quest! There are many pleasant surprises for you! Collect all friends: Rarity, Twilight and other!🎁Be careful, tricky pony have prepared dangerous traps!💣Jump higher and higher like a ninja, through obstacles and get stars and bonuses! Set a world recordHow to play?Jump and run as fast you can. It's easy!Collect sweet and fast food! 🍔🍕🍬Open new pony!FREE FULL VERSION OF THE GAME - DOWNLOAD NOW!🎁GAME FEATURES🌼thrilling and fun running Cute Little Run Pony🌼Favorite hero little hero🌼Great music and sound effects🌼Bright graphics and gravity animation🌼easy free game to play with one-touch controls🌼Share MLPEG game with your friends on social networksPlay and Have fun ❤😘This application is for fans only. All drawings are submitted by fans and just for education. 💜