ADB Manager

Ilija Matoski



ADB Manager, your one stop to developing more easily on Android. Warning: REQUIRES ROOT If you want to help translating this application, help me with the translation on: The most automated, easy-to-use and stable ADB management tool with a great support. Features: + Easy control and access details from notification bar + Auto connect on saved WiFi networks + Auto start on boot, you can select if you want to or not from the preferences screen + Automatically switch between USB and NETWORK when you disconnect/connect from/to WiFi + Configurable service management + Different color coded icons depending on the state of the ADB + Keep screen on while the service is running + Wake the screen when new package is installed + You can toggle the ADB state by touching the image in the notification bar Its really more simple to use than others, is always visible in notification bar. It supports advanced features like fully automate adb state control based on the WiFi network, and the state of the network. ADB manager enables you to automatically start ADB in network mode when you connect to any know configured network from the list in the preferences. Developing in cafes/bars/trains/toilet/other places over WiFi? ADB Manager will switch ADB into wireless and back automatically. Released as open source, you can view the code at Future versions: + Delay between switching states Permissions: + android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER Used with SuperSU if available + android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED Used to automatically start the service on the boot of the device, how long should it wait before starting and how often should the AlarmManager check to see if the service is running is configurable from the Preferences menu. + android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE Used to automate the switching between the the ADB states + android.permission.INTERNET Used to retrieve the IP, as it crashes when checking for the IP address without this permission. + android.permission.WAKE_LOCK Used to wake up the screen on new package install, or to keep the screen on while the ADB service is on For any questions, suggestions, bug reports or to help with translation of the application please email me

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