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Amaze combines 3D Virtual Reality (VR) technology with entertaining POV experiences.▪️ OPTIMIZED FOR DAYDREAM VIEW / GOOGLE CARDBOARD 😎This version of Amaze is meant to be viewed using a VR headset. ▪️ HIGHEST QUALITY 3D 4K VIDEOS ONLY 💯You will only see videos with the highest quality that pass our minimum requirements. ▪️ FUN AND ENGAGING CONTENT 🔥We have a diverse content library organized by categories. We partner with seasoned creators that are entertaining and engaging to watch. ▪️ FREQUENT UPDATES 📣We release 2+ unique experiences every week. ▪️ INTERACTIVE VIDEOS ☑️We have choose-your-own-adventure videos with outcomes that change based on your choices.If you are new to us, we would greatly appreciate your review!For any feedback and technical questions, please visit Amaze today.

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