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Simple Anatomy - Best free flashcards based rapid reference appMust have fast revision human anatomy app to review before examinations.This atlas is for those who want to revise anatomy rapidly. All chapters are arranged in concise manner so that you can complete entire topic in few minutes.All the figures and diagrams are 2D illustrations (sorry no 3D) which you can easily memorise and reproduce in your examinations.This book is arranged in simple chapters from all regions including head and neck, thorax, abdomen, upper and lower limbs. Neuroanatomy is not included.The bones, joints, arterial, venous, lymphatic and nerve supplies are arranged region wise. Few main embryology pics and diag also included.This book will teachme you the basics and if you refer it daily anatomy skills will improve.Important relevant clinical anatomy points are included everywhere.And remember, this is no Greys anatomy or Netters atlas and is not trying to be. But this teaches you the core basics of anatomical structures.

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