Anatomy FlashCards




Best app for rapid revision or reference for Anatomy. We have tried to provide a means of rapid revision without any frills. The chapters are arranged in short, easily digested format, written largely in note form, with the appropriate illustrations. We thus hope that this app will be helpful in revising and consolidating the knowledge that has been gained from the dissecting room and from more detailed and explanatory textbooks.Don't expect this app to replace your standard Anatomy text books. It is for your rapid reference to carry in your pocket. As there could be connectivity issues, we made the entire app to be offline. And as that means we have to include all the high resolution images into the app, this made it a very large file. Every chapter has a small clinical notes at the end to highlight the clinical importance of that particular part.Also there is a special chapter where all the individual muscles are mentioned separately with their origins, insertions, actions and nerve supply (The muscle index).The content is organised into 79 individual chapters which cover the following topics. (Do note that we didn't include neuroanatomy, which for itself is a very huge topic.)Anatomical termsEmbryologyThe thoracic wallThe mediastinumThe pleura and airwaysThe lungsThe heartThe fetal circulationThe abdominal wallThe peritoneumThe gastrointestinal tractThe liver, gall-bladder and biliary treeThe pancreas and spleenThe pelvisThe perineumThe upper limbThe lower limbThe head and neckThe spine and spinal cordThe muscle index.

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