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NOTE - USE OF THIS TIME CLOCK APP IS FREE FOR EMPLOYEES AND USES MINIMAL DATA. HOWEVER, THE EMPLOYER MUST SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT AT WWW.CLOCKSHARK.COM (14-DAY FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE - NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED). CLOCKSHARK IS AN AFFORDABLE (BUT NOT FREE) SERVICE. ClockShark is the time clock app for users of ClockShark is a simple and easy-to-use time clock and scheduling app for mobile workforces. Times are synced automatically with, and feature GPS tracking of worker locations, the ability add notes while clocking in and out, and the ability to view upcoming work schedules. Have you noticed that tracking time for payroll using paper time cards is a frustrating waste of time and money? Introducing the ClockShark time clock app for construction and field service companies: 1. Employees Punch In and Out Employees punch in on the time clock app via their smartphone, tablet or on the web. This makes it easy to collect time accurately using the devices your employees already carry, without expensive hardware to buy. You get an accurate time record and your crews get an easy to use app. Youll spend less time messing with time cards and more time making money. 2. You View Times on the Website After employees punch in and out, their times and worked job codes from the time clock app are automatically uploaded to your web dashboard (usually in near real time). There you can view and edit time including daily totals, weekly totals and job totals. Payroll will be quicker and more accurate, so you can stop losing time and money that you could be using on other parts of your business. 3. GPSTrakâ„¢ (GPS technology) The GPSTrak feature shows you where each punch occurred on a map. It gives you peace of mind that everyone is where they should be, so you can worry less and focus on bigger problems. 4. Job Cost by Job Name and Task As you land jobs, you can easily add them via the website with a name and job number. Then your employees can clock in to that specific job via the mobile app on their smartphone or tablet. They can also select a Task Code, such as Framing, Concrete Work, or Travel Time. Employees can easily switch jobs or tasks from the mobile app during the day, so that your job costing and payroll is accurate. 5. Schedule Employees by Job Site Schedule your employees by dragging any of your active jobs onto the schedule board. Employees can instantly view their schedule via their smartphone. Now you dont have to stay late sending text messages or making phone calls about tomorrows schedule changes. You can even add notes, like bring your concrete tools or meet us at 239 Acacia St. 6. Run Easy Reports Once youre done reviewing your payroll and making any edits needed, you can run and print easy reports. Run a report of total hours by employee for payroll, or total hours per job site for job costing. The basic reports you need are all there. Now you can stop adding up money losing time cards on an Excel Sheet and get back to business. Thanks for visiting and reading. We built the ClockShark time clock app with the help of 200+ construction companies just like yours that volunteered to help us understand which features you need and which you dont. When we looked at other time clock app products they were too complex, too expensive, or lacked some of the important features you need in a construction time tracking solution. So we set out to build the perfect time tracking solution for construction, to help construction business owners run their businesses better. ClockShark is a powerful, clean and easy to use time clock and scheduler that we designed to do everything most construction businesses will need. I hope that you will find it helpful for your business.

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