AI Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Detection




- Model Melanoma -This is an EXPERIMENTAL DEMO APP for SCIENTIST.This is an artificial intelligence skin cancer (melanoma) detection program based on Deep Learning Algorithm.The results obtained from this program should be used for reference purposes only. Please consult your dermatologist to get a confirmative diagnosis. PLEASE BE SURE TO TAKE PICTURES IN BRIGHT PLACES.If the result is a melanoma, it is highly recommended to see a dermatologist. However, all cases of melanoma cannot be definitely diagnosed by clinical photography alone. Thus, even if the result is not a melanoma, THIS APP CANNOT CONFIRM THAT IT IS NOT A MELANOMA. Approximately 10% of melanoma may be missed when we diagnose with clinical photography alone.The photographs used for analysis are transferred, and stored as a database, which will furnish a reference framework for a future research.- iPhone User (Safari) Model Dermatology (AI Skin Disease Diagnosis)

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