Flashcards for Kids in Russian




The application has 1500 sound flashcards in Russian language with bright images which are divided into topics and learning game «Find a Picture».Flashcards are an easy and interesting way for your child to help them recognize the world around them. Approved worldwide by child psychologists, teachers and parents themselves, it is ideal for very young children up to 7 years of age! Learning Game «Find a Picture»The additional funny learning game «Find a Picture» is specifically designed for children just a few weeks or months old. Thanks to clear interactive interface your baby will understand the game with ease, just watching what is going on in the screen. To simplify or complicate the game you can select one or several topics.It is easy to teach your child with these cards and regular studies are essential. Start playing with your child by showing them the cards three times a day. Do one or two sections at a time and for at most 2-3 seconds for each card. Play close attention to your child's level of engagement and when they become disinterested, stop the game. As time progresses you should be able to increase the length of each period you use the cards, but again pay attention to your child's level of interest as these cards work best when your child is fully engaged. Cards are useful for the following: • Overall cerebral development • Memory development • Logical thinking development • Early development of reading skills • Attention span development • Child's general mental development Our application's features: • High quality of images • Professional studio voiceover for cards • 60 cards available for free• A massive collection comprising 1500 cards, divided into the following topics: - Pets - Weather and seasons - Russian alphabet- Numbers 1-20 - Colors - Professions - Transport and others.Start your child's fun and successful learning process right now! If you have any remarks regarding the application, or suggestions for its improvement, please feel free to contact us via shgamedev@gmail.com