Eye Protect Blue Light Filter

Alpha App Team

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Eye Protector is designed for phone lovers to filter blue light and protect eyes Did you feel uncomfortable on your eyes when use smart phone for a long time? The reason is bluelight on your smartphone causes eyestrain. Blue light is a harmful light that cause damage to the Retina and keeps you from falling asleep at night or even cause sleep disorder and sleepless. Blue light can also lead to shortsighted or cataract, if you use smartphone all the time. For girls, eyes protection is more important. Eye stain can easily cause dark circle and pouch on eyes which harms your beauty. Eye Protector is an effective screen filter which can reduce the blue light to protect and relax your eyes, making it easier for you to fall asleep at night. Eye care becomes easy now Say goodbye to blue light. [Features] Natural filter effect for you to read the screen easily Adjust the filter strength and color as you wish Free and easy to use Low battery and space consumption Notification bar shortcut to quickly shut down or set up Automatically apply on boot Attention: If you install app from a third party store other than Google Play, the install button will not work. Please turn off the filter temporarily to enable installation